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Assess before teaching to identify gaps in prior knowledge

Spend time acting on data, not marking



Pre-Teach & post-teach assessments designed to check for misconceptions

With traditional pen-&-paper assessments - no IT equipment needed

Full printable colourised data reports

  • Class comparisons

  • Teachers' reports

  • Students' reports

5-Year Skills Record

Keep unit progress over students' entire school career

How it works


Before planning for a new unit, download the pre-teach diagnostic test 

Use our pre-made assessments


Or, customise/design for your own needs


Administer & upload the students' answer sheets

Assign each student a simple 5-digit code


Quickly scan in using your favourite scanner


Send us the images


Receive your bespoke analysis report promptly

Identify and address gaps in pre-requisite knowledge before introducing new content

Decide where to start teaching

Adjust pace, resources, grouping, differentiation, scaffolding, use of TA's...


Students can stick the student report in their books/folders

Set the students independent learning using your own resources

Send or email a copy of the report to parents/carers


Administer the post-teach test

Compare performance before/after teaching

Identify remaining gaps to then inform interventions

All the post-teach data is compiled into the 5-Year Skills Record (feature coming soon). Print this anytime to give to students, parents, tutors

Key Features

Diagnostic Assessments

Thousands of multiple-choice questions covering the full spectrum of skills.

PRE-teach assessments with corresponding POST-teach assessments.

Assessment of pre-requisite knowledge is built in to the assessments.

"Distractor" answers carefully chosen to tease out common misconceptions.

Constantly reviewed and refined.

Either use our assessments (over 200 to choose from), or if you prefer you can make your own for your own curriculum.

Analysis Reports


Subject Leaders' Report


Class Teachers' Report


Students' Report


5-Year Skills Records (coming soon)

Technical questions?

How many students can do each assessment? 1000 at a time, but if your requirements are greater we can run a report as many times as you like.

How many classes can you cater for in each year group? 20 at a time.

Can I download the raw data? This functionality will be released in the future.

Let us know how we can help you be data-rich

Thanks for submitting!

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