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Choose a unique 5-digit number for each student that is sitting the diagnostic assessment and complete this on the Student List spreadsheet.

-It is easiest and best practice to use the students' Admission Number. This will be unique for each student and won't change over time. If in doubt, ask your data manager to help.

-Download the student list template and complete it for the entire cohort of students sitting the diagnostic. This could be multiple classes, multiple year groups, all completed on the 1 single Student List spreadsheet.

-Keep each student's codes the same over their entire time at your school.


Choose the assessment you want students to sit.

Use one of our pre-made assessments.

Design your own assessment, customise one of ours, etc. If designing your own assessment, ensure you also complete an answer key

and the question descriptors


Print enough blank answer sheets for the students. They must be printed to 100% scale, which is explained on the first page of the answer sheets.


Scan in the students' answer sheets. It takes less than 30 seconds to scan in a whole class using most schools' photocopier/scanners.

-These can either be 1 single PDF for the entire cohort of students who sat the diagnostic, or a separate PDF for each class - whatever is easier.
-The PDFs do not need to be scanned in any particular order.
-Ensure each sheet is in the correct orientation.
-The format for the PDFs is:
     -300 DPI (dots per inch)


Upload the student list and the answer sheets (on the Upload page here:

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